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Quadrophonic Concert

The commitment of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale to give greater visibility to forms of art that bring together creativity and technology continue beyond the BNL Media Art Festival. The upcoming Slaps-Pourri event is an excellent occasion to learn more about sound art.


Slaps-Pourri.2, the second edition of the event, will take place next Friday (May 20) at ArtQ13, a space for artistic research and experimentation. Two bands – Les Mistons and Frei – will experiment and improvise with noise and electronic sounds, giving rise to a different concert. In fact, the audience will be immersed in sound by a ring of speakers that will welcome spectators into artQ13. Both bands work with quadrophonic sound, which propagates sound all around listeners.


Both Les Mistons and Frei are produced by Studiolo Laps, which has always been involved in experimentation and researching new interpretations of reality.


SLAPS-POURRI.2 was produced by net label STUDIOLO LAPS, in collaboration with ArtQ13, and supported by the Master in SONIC ARTS Programme at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Fondazione Mondo Digitale, Nucleo Artzine and


Slaps-pourri is also reflection and discussion. The first edition, besides the concert, also organized a round table on “Music and Society.” The debate, which involved various artists from a range of different disciplines, event organisers and cultural specialists, will soon be published on the “Nucleo Artzine” portal.


The artistic director is Francesco Bianco, an artist we met at the BNL Media Art Festival. Entrance is free.

For further information: 3343367790,


Pot-pourri, mescolanza, eterogeneità, confronto
Les Mistons + Frei
Quadrophonic Concert
Friday, May 20 – 8.30 pm
artQ13, via Nicola Coviello 15, 00165 Rome



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