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Alex Fanelli

I’m obsessed about time and more than it obsessed to the possibilities to play with it. Most of my work of art are about times in some ways, by a distortion of it or speaking about a way to modeling it. I started with paint and draw at the 3rd year of the high school, I left half year draw and convincing teacher that I would have made more by using multimedia tools, bringing them, as an example, some picture I’ve made.
By using photographs to my way of made works it comes the video, media that I still prefer because it’s the fastest way to shown ideas that comes in my mind.
I want to go over my limits, learning more about cinematographic technique. The path i’m carrying out now is based on video and cinema trying to improve my self about communication.
This is what I could call my artistic path, i’m still working and study as much as i can. Actually I’m studying to Fine Art Academy in Rome “Multimedia Visual Art”, I graduate in July 2016 in Decoration to Fine Art Academy of Turin.
I’m 26, time goes by and my works with it.

Progetto Homomakers Confinanziato dal Programma Erasmus+

Thursday April 26th, 2018

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