Via del Quadraro 102, 00174 Roma, Italia
+39 06 42014109
+ 39 06 42000442

Chiara Passa

Chiara Passa, visual artist (Rome 1973) working in media art since 1997. My artistic research analyses differences in virtual spaces through a variety of techniques technologies and devices – often using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies as an artistic medium. So, I work with animations, net-artworks, interactive and site-specific video-installations and VR video-sculptures and video objects. My artwork was internationally exhibited from festivals, conferences and institutions, as: “InSonic” immersive art show, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Museum, Karlsrhue (2017); “From live architecture: Dimensioning” solo show at Furtherfield gallery, London (2016); “Off Biennale Cairo” (2015-2016); ” ISEA Disruption”, Conference and exhibition at Vancouver Art Gallery. (2015); “Morphos”, Vortex Dome Los Angeles. Curated by Ethan Bach. (2014); Media Art Histories 5: RENEW conference, Riga. (2013).

Progetto EU-Enlight – European Light Expression Network Cofinanziato dal Programma Europea Creativa.

Monday March 13th, 2017

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