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DEHORS/AUDELA is an artistic duo formed by Elisa Turco Liveri (performer, choreographer) and Salvatore Insana (videomaker, photographer, director).

D / A is a collective in which visual arts and performing arts merge as a sign of continuous research, in which the different artistic codes, while maintaining their specificity, at the same time become capable of generating new forms of expression.

Under the sign of mutual interference, they start from a practice in which, if the body and the action constitute the center of the dramaturgical texture, the video and the sound also tend towards a physical and organic consistency. The collective Dehors/Audela has always worked on the investigation of border sites. Interstitials of the present, not only conceived as physical places, but also as social and anthropological aspects. The indefinite and the hybrid have always been the favorite areas of research of the artistic collective.

In recent years they have given life, in collaboration with the light designer Giovanna Bellini and the musician and sound artist Giulia Vismara, in the constant attempt to overcome genres, places and unconventional tools, to video-theatrical works, performances of dance, audiovisual research projects, urban and photographic installations, and experimental workshops.

Tuesday March 27th, 2018

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