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Francesco Surdi

Francesco Surdi (Partinico-PA 1986), lives and works between Palermo and Alcamo (TP). He studied at San Martino Delle Scale Academy (ABADIR). After graduating he joined the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo where in 2010 he obtained a II level diploma in Painting.

All the while he started to collaborate with various indipendent spaces around Palermo metropolitan area, and in particular with Zelle Arte Contemporanea managed by the artist and curator Federico Lupo. His first solo exhibition, at the Galleria Vannucci in Pistoia, dates back 2013 and in a couple of years has been joined by numerous exhibitions and events in several institutional spaces like RISO Museum in Palermo, MACA Museum of Contemporary Art in Alcamo, Fabbriche Chiaramontane in Agrigento, and different private galleries in Palermo such as FPAC Francesco Pantaleone Arte Contemporanea and Rizzuto Gallery. In 2014 he takes part in the artistic residency and workshop held at the Fiumara D’arte in Tusa (ME) curated by Daniela Bigi under the supervision of the artists Gianni Caravaggio and Diego Perrone. In 2016 he is among the finalists of Cairo Award and the FAM Prize.

Wednesday May 9th, 2018