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Paulius Šliaupa

Paulius Šliaupa is a Lithuanian painter of the younger generation.

The artist works in several areas. Painting is one of them. Having received his bachelor’s degree in painting from the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) in 2013, Paulius Šliaupa also makes videos, takes pictures, writes texts, and in 2016 commenced his studies at VAA for the MA sculpture programme. The artist has held five solo exhibitions in Lithuania and took part in group exhibitions in Lithuania, Russia, Spain, and South Africa. He was also successfully presented at art fairs in Vilnius, Paris, Budapest, Cologne and Berlin. The artist observes natural fragments: water flow, reflections, shimmer, or snow shine. These images remain deeply branded in the painter’s mind and, gradually reducing the recognisable contours, he starts revelation of the sensations and colours. In his videos, Paulius Šliaupa is interested in various forms of water encountered by the characters of his works in one way or another. All their encounters with nature are like allegories depicted in classical paintings that do not refer to specific individuals. The artist’s camera observing them from far is static, but the associative assembling of images creates a sense of a very personal story

Thursday May 10th, 2018