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Smart Glass for Art

After Milan, this week, schools in Rome [see news: Media Art is Whole-Brain]. will start to work on projects for the Media Art Festival (May 17-19, 2018)


At the Liceo Classico Virgilio, directed by Carla Alfano, student will work with Artist Leonardo Petrucci. Their first appointment will be today a. The school’s activities are coordinated by Prof. Marina Ciai.


The Dehors/Audela artistic duo – Elisa Turco Liveri (performer) and Salvatore Insana (video-maker) – will work with students at the Liceo Marco Tullio Cicerone in Frascati (Rome), directed by Alessandra Silvestri. The coordinating professor is Antonella Di Nallo. The Perfor(m)Are il quotidiano (“Performing the Daily”) Lab will kick off today at 11:20 am.


The two labs are part of Project “Projecting the Future,” developed together with Epson. Besides the artistic production activity for the Media Art Festival, the project includes a permanent corner at the Phyrtual Innovation Gym, equipped with Epson devices, and art & technology labs for schools.


The works designed by students and artists will be developed with Moverio Smart Glass.

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